Changing note links?

I searched around the forum and don’t see any discussion on this topic. Once I have linked two notes (or whatevers) I want to be able to change the link style. The default appears to be dotted line.

1 - How do I link two things and make it an arrow?
2 - How do I change an existing link from one style to another?
3 - How do I delete an existing link?
4 - How do I move a link endpoint from one object to another?
5 - How can I bend a link or add inflection points?


Most of this is covered in the QuickStart Guide, available from Scapple’s Help menu, and it is also covered in more depth in the user manual (also under Help), but in brief:

  1. There are several ways to do this, for example Cmd-click to select two notes and choose Notes > Connect with Arrow to connect them with the arrow pointing to the second note selected. You can also hold various shortcut keys while dragging one note onto the other, e.g. Cmd-Opt to make an arrow pointing back to the note that was dragged.

  2. Just drag again with the the appropriate modifier keys held as necessary, or select the notes and choose Notes > Connect to change to a dotted line or Notes > Connect with Arrow to connect with an arrow.

  3. Select the notes and choose Notes > Disconnect.

  4. Delete the link and create a new one.

  5. Links are always straight lines.

Thanks for the tips. Those weren’t the most intuitive techniques. What if I need to change a whole group of links from one kind to another. Having to select all the end points and change those one at a time seems silly.


You don’t need to do that, as there are options in the Notes menu. I really recommend going through the 2-page QuickStart guide to get an idea of whether Scapple is for you, and the main user manual for more thorough help.