Changing Project Title

I am having trouble finding where to change my project title. I am writing in the Manuscript format.
In my binder I find a folder called Front Matter. In that folder is a document called Title Page. It has placeholders in it.
One of the placeholders is <$projecttitle> . Am I supposed to change that text or enter it somewhere else?


Do you mean the title/filename you see in Finder, or do you mean the title of the finished, compiled book (or whatever you are writing)?

The project name can be changed in Finder, like any other filename.

The title of the compiled output is set in the compile settings. Above the left panel in the compile window you have an icon looking like an address tag. Click on it and you can set output title, authors, etc.

See the Help menu for a complete list of all available placeholders.

<$projecttitle> specifically comes from the metadata pane of the main Compile screen, which is the one with the “tag” icon.

You can also simply edit the Title Page if you prefer. Scrivener doesn’t care. The advantage of using the placeholder is that you don’t have to keep track of everywhere you might have entered the title (title page, headers, author bio, jacket copy…) in case you decide to change it.


Got it! Thank you. I had already changed the project title in the Finder but was stumped when the printout had the old title.

Thank you for this! I’ve been having this problem forever, because when I create a new project I often copy an existing one to start with. The new icon (in Finder) has always contained the name of the old project, and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to change it.