Changing Scrivener from windows to a mac

I purchased Scrivener in Sep 2017 for Windows … haven’t worked on it for a while, and in the meantime I have changed from a windows to a mac computer.

  1. I transfered the Scrivener files when I did the transfer of computers. Am hoping this is still where all my work is … ?
  2. I think I read that it is as simple as downloading the mac version (I have the sales document saved). But I don’t know what version it is - have read something about upgrades and so not sure what to do.,
    Hoping for help. Thanks

Provided that you transferred the whole folders everything is okay.
You just have to buy the Mac version 3, either directly from L&L’s website, or through the Mac App Store. If you buy from L&L you’ll get a discount because you have the Win version.

Thankyou. So is this the download page? … crivener-3
It talks about an upgrade. But its not an upgrade I need … this is confusing me.