Changing styles defaults beyond "no style"

Is there a way to change the styles defaults for styles beyond ‘no style’? I have one document for which I have set the styles exactly as I like them, but I can’t seem to find a way in which new projects can automatically use those formatted styles too. Is there such a way? I am using Scrivener on Mac, version 3.3.1 (15588). Thank you!

If you create a template with the styles in it, every new project created from that template will have them too.
Create a project (or clean up a pre-existing one – don’t forget to first save-as !!) and tweak it so it is in the state you wish your new projects to begin.
And :

That new template will be part of the project templates panel when creating a new project.

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You may also import styles from another project.

The Windows version also has this (I don’t know for Mac) :

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Yes, it does, although it’s Scrivener → Settings/Preferences, not “Options”.

I have my own Blank project templates set up, with No Style and any other styles, Folder and Document templates, metadata, and Compile Format set as I want them. Then I just start any new project from the appropriate one depending on whether it’s to be compiled to RTF/DOCX, MultiMarkdown, HTML, etc.


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