Changing Templates


I’m new to Scrivner and love it.
The problem is, I started a project without knowing enough about templates.
I want to write a novel but all my information is in a scriptwriting template.
How do I switch?

First, to be clear there are project templates, which are essentially just starter packages with some labels set up, example documents in the Binder and export settings fine-tuned. What you are referring to, I believe, is the editor mode which can be toggled between standard and scripting by pressing Cmd-3. This is a document specific setting, so you may have to do that more than once, but once you toggle the state of the editor for a document it should stay that way. You can easily tell when a document is in script mode, because the footer bar beneath the editor will not have a word and character counter in it, and will instead have a format menu on the right side of it.

Thank you for your reply.
I think I understand how to toggle between screenplay mode and not.

However, I still need to know if it’s possible to
make the whole thing (just lots of research so far, no draft) fit into
a novel template. Where do I find the novel template? Under editor only different screenplay/comic books modes seem to be available.
I found that when a new project is started there is more choice. However, once you’ve started, as I have, without choosing the novel template, is it possible to choose it belatedly ?
I hope my question makes sense.

The various options under the Scriptwriting menu in the Text menu are strictly for scriptwriting. There are no setups for novel writing, as novel writing does not require strict format guidelines. You shouldn’t need to mess with that menu at all. Just make sure your editor is set to free-form mode.

If you want to move your current work over to a starter template, just create a new Scrivener project with the wizard, selecting the novel manuscript template and then drag your existing material over to the new project (you can have two projects open at once and drag things between them). Once again, the project templates are simple project starting points. They usually contain a few example documents in the Binder, such as a cover page and title sheets. You can duplicate these to make new copies of them. Scrivener doesn’t do templates in the sense of “fill out the form”.

So in a sense you cannot choose a template belatedly, as you put it. You have to create a new project to get a new project template, but it is no big deal since all you have is research, transfer to a starter template should be exceptionally easy.

I kind of figured that’s what I had to do-- drag and drop into a new project.
Thanks for all your kind help and attention!
My best to you,