Changing text box color for notes

Just getting started with Scrivener — I love a lot of the features, but I’m finding the footnote functionality a little distracting. As far as I understand it, footnotes are treated basically the same as links. I’ve figured out how to get rid of link underlining, change the color of the text of links, and also remove the background color on links. What remains is a gray box around every word that links to a footnote:

Is it possible to change the color of this box? I would really like to make it as unobtrusive as possible — just barely visible, if I can. Thoughts? Thanks!

I’m not sure you can choose the box color the way you can choose the fill color. But you can make footnote anchors a lot less conspicuous and a lot more uniform by opting for a boxed asterisk (or other special symbol) instead of putting the box around an entire anchor word. Select Text Preferences … on the Project Menu and check “Use footnote marker” at the bottom of the dialog box. This takes effect for just the current project unless you also hit “Make Default,” which sets it up for new projects as well. For details about how this works see “Footnote Highlight Style,” p. 250 in the Scrivener Manual.

Oh awesome, thank you! I’d still really love to change the box color entirely in some way — a plain asterisk is certainly enough for me, and I find the boxes quite distracting. Maybe there’s a way to do this in a settings file?

Also, is there any way to convert existing footnotes — or to convert them on import — so that they’re all set to asterisks? I already have about four hundred footnotes in the word document I’m trying to import…

Thanks again!

I don’t think (can’t remember if…) V2 has this feature, but V3 does has a way of toggling markup like the box around Footnotes and Comments.

As for the second part of your question (converting existing footnotes to asterisks…) try this, after you’re changed the setting to use Markers for footnotes.

Use the menu item ‘Format > Convert > Inspector Footnotes to Inline Footnotes’, which will, unsurprisingly convert all your footnotes to the inline version (you’ll see the text of the footnote in the editor, not in the Inspector).

Then change them back with Format > Convert > Inline Footnotes to Inspector Footnotes. When I test it, the footnotes have changed to use the marker rather than the highlight box.

Do test this first on a dummy document, and I’d proceed slowly (take a snapshot of each document first), but perhaps it’s worth trying?

[BTW I’ve written the actual path to the commands from memory (it’s elsewhere on V3), so if you can’t find it there, then just enter Footnote into the Help menu search bar and it will show you where it really is…]

Great, thank you! Just did the footnote conversion trick, which worked perfectly. I guess I’ll just need to wait around for Scrivener 3 to come out…

Just reactivating this post, now that Scrivener 3 is out. One of the previous posters wrote: “I don’t think (can’t remember if…) V2 has this feature, but V3 does has a way of toggling markup like the box around Footnotes and Comments.” Unfortunately, I can’t quite figure out how to do this in V3. Any thoughts? Thanks!