Changing text width/page margins in composition mode

Hello again!

When I look at my manuscript in Composition Mode, I want there to be larger margins between the text column and the width of the page. I have tried using the toggles that appear at the bottom of the composition mode page, but none of them seem to address this. The margins for paper are already set to 1-inch all around, which is what I want. How can I get the margins in Composition Mode to also show these margins? In regular Editor Mode the margins are visually adequate. In Composition Mode the text runs right up to the sides of the text window and this irritates me visually. Please help! (And I hope what I am saying is clear. Thanks.)


This is where you have to set the margins :

This settings affects both the editor and composition mode.

I assume that you are currently referring to fix width editor, but these are not margins, they are dependent on the space the editor occupies on the screen. Make the binder a tad wider, and that margin effect (the width you like them at) will be lost.
These above are the real margins.

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remember in composition mode you can adjust page width on the toolbar or hold the Alt key to change height.


Thank you, Vincent. That addressed the problem. Though the highest possible Left/Right margin in Composition Mode is barely adequate. Does this change the appearance of the manuscript when it is printed on paper or converted to Word? Or is it just for the purposes of looking at the text on the screen?

Thanks, Dad, but I want to narrow text width while keeping paper width the same. Just in Composition Mode only.

That has no effect whatsoever anywhere but on your screen, in Scrivener. It is purely visual as you work your project.

?? (I’ve just made it extreme → 530 pt left/right margin.)

If what you mean is that when you are happy in the editor it is not okay for you in composition mode, then (a compromise) make the screen background, and the composition mode’s editor background, the same color.

Back to 30 pt left/right margin:

Both editor and background the same color:

The background density is set at the bottom of the screen, all the way to the right of the auto-hide bar in composition mode.

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I was thinking the same thing as a compromise, you explained it well.