Changing the name of highlight colors

I made a custom highlight palate, with pink for emotion, blue for dialogue, yellow for internalizations, etc., but the only change that is saved is the pink (named emotion.) Yet when I view the color choices under the format menu, pink is the only one appearing as emotion. The others have their original name, i.e. cantaloupe, etc. When I go back to the color palette, Scrivener, my changes are still there.

How can I get them to appear instead of the original names?


Are you using the Mac App Store version or the regular version? (This makes a difference, as I had to change the colour palette code for the MAS version because of MAS limitations.)


The regular version.

Hmm, okay, that rules that out. Are you talking about the highlight colours, or have you added extra colours to to the “Scrivener” palette? If the latter, you will need to ensure that they are identical to the colours that you want to rename - you can do this using the magnifying glass colour picker.

I’ve added additional colors. That makes sense.

I’ll try that…

That worked, Keith. But I’ve added one color–red, that I can’t make appear on the list.

To add colours to the list, you need to save them as favourites—it doesn’t have anything to do with the special Scrivener swatch palette—that is for renaming the built-in colours. If you’ve never added a favourite colour before, examine the bottom of the palette and you should see a split dragger. Pull that down to reveal a grid of small squares. Each of these squares can store a favourite colour. Drag the red one down into any of the squares to set it (you can replace old favourites by dragging over them).

Now when you pull up the menu again, you should see it added below the list of built-in highlights. It will appear in any menu that provides a colour list.

I was able to add my red. Thank you.

One more thing…I inadvertently added blue to my favorite colors (it’s in a little blue square next to the red) & I would like to get rid of it, if possible.

Just add white over it and it will “erase”.

That didn’t work. It appears white, but when I go to the Project/Highlight…there are now two colors below the line. Off-white and blue.

I would like to get rid of them if I can. Anal, I know, but I find them distracting :confused:

Try dragging from one of the empty squares in that grid and dropping on the one that is giving you problems. I just tried that and it deleted the entry from the menu.

Oh, and I forgot to mention you can use the Scrivener swatch palette to rename your custom colours, too. So long as they match precisely, anything that exists in both the swatch list and the favourites grid will use the custom name. This is particularly useful when OS X comes up with duplicate names for similar colours.

Thank you, Amber. That worked!!

::smacks forehead:: Ioa’s answer was what I meant, but somehow when I pictured that in my head, it came out as “replace it with white” which is obviously wrong. Sorry! (This should teach me to actually open the program and test what I say before I say it…) Anyway, glad you’ve got it all figured out now!