Changing the Note Style

I’ve recently gotten into creating/redefining note styles to fit my needs. Right now, I usually only check off the ‘include background and border style’ and ‘include size’ option. I’m having no problem with the program remembering the background and border but, while I’m able to define the size of the bubble it only lasts for that session. If I were to close Scapple and open it up again, whenever I choose to apply a note style to a particular bubble it will change the background but it’s only parameter for the size seems to be the amount of text in it (it would make a single long bubble). Is this normal?

Thanks! Indeed it looks like that information is not saved into the Scapple document itself. It works while the style is still in memory, but once you reload all it has is the disk copy to work off of, which lacks the size information. I suppose not many people use that feature, considering it must have been that way for a long time now. :slight_smile:

I’ll make sure it’s on the list.