Changing the style

I’m having a wretched time trying to set the style in my document. Somehow, I ended up with “no style” which means that even if I set a style for a section, I can’t copy it somewhere else. This is driving me crazy. I even tried to restore a backup (and kill off whatever I wrote today) just to get the ability to copy styles back and I can’t see where to do that either. So now I’m faced with killing the entire document.

This program is really not intuitive! I’m an accountant and a hobby-writer, and not a tech genius. Setting font and spacing for a document should not be this difficult. :frowning:

Will also add that when I try to pick a style, none of them have any context or description. There’s no style for “text body”.

Don’t kill the entire document, just yet.

Please read the User Manual section 17. 1 “Think different” about the value of “No style”.

The assignment of formatting to Styles works the other way around.
First create a text in the right formatting in the Editor, them create a new Style using that formatting. Redefing a Style also works from the current selection in the Editor, so adjust the formatting and Redefine the Style in Format > Style > Redefine.

In Scrivener Writing and Compiling (creating an output document) is separated, meaning you can write in any font you like and Compile in any other font or file format, or formatting. While writing you should set the font you like to write in using File > Options > Editing. Save that and you’re good to go.
While compiling, choose any font you like to see in the output document…