Changing the template after a project is created?

So I had a stint when I did all of my writing in Markdown. I’ve migrated back to Scrivener, and when i imported the markdown files into Scrivener, I imported into a blank project. and now I’m wishing I’d imported into the novel template.

Is there an easy way to change this without recreating the projects?

Templates are just starting points, and are barely different from you just copying an existing project that you didn’t actually do any writing in and starting from there.

If you want to make use of another template because it has some setup you don’t want to re-create in your existing project, you could just create one from that template and drag your existing documents from the binder of your original project into the new one. This will just be a copy, not a move, of your existing documents.

What is it that you want from a template that would be difficult to reproduce in your existing project though?