Chapter Endnotes...

Howdy, all.

I’m asking this question on behalf of a friend who is just starting with Scrivener. (Hey, I swear it’s not me. I use Mac. :open_mouth: ) He wants chapter end notes. I’ve tried to research the alternatives for implementing notes, and I’m no closer to the finish than I was when I started.

Can somebody give me a helpful nudge so I can help my less-than-technically savvy friend figure it out?


I’m going to cry. Is there no decent end-note solution for Scrivener on Windows?

I think the answer is that Scrivener itself wouldn’t know where to put them. I’m on a Mac and solve the problem quite easily by including a marker of some kind, say ***** centred, in the appropriate separators pane of compile, then in Nisus Writer Pro use Find and Replace to replace that marker with a “section break new page”. In NWP endnotes are set to restart at each new section.

Could your friend not do the same thing using Word or whatever?

Mr X

The problem is the friend has very little technical expertise, and is about $1K miles away…making it harder for me to set him up. In law school (where you footnote every sentence) I solved this problem by using LaTeX and compiling with Make (pre-Scrivener).

His fall-back is MS Word, which I consider a terrible choice as it co-mingles formatting and content.

I guess a possible fall-back is for him to write in Markdown that I could compile for him later. But I’m personally not happy with the idea of writing markdown in an RTF file that is later converted to LaTeX.