Chapter Notes?

Hi All,

I have a book with three big sections and ten chapters in each section.

Is there a way to attach notes or descriptions to the documents/folders within the binder? Basically, I’d like to have a series of one or two line descriptions of the contents of each chapter—without having to go into the text of the chapter itself. Somewhat like how the outliner previews word count, but for content.

I assume the Corkboard may be a way to do this. But the corkboard only displays binder folders and not binder documents.

Side question: the way I’m working now, my documents form chapters and my folders group the chapters into three bigger sections. Is that how others use Scrivener? Or do you use folders as chapters, with higher-level folders as sections?

I think I answered my own question. Double click the Corkboard Folder and you enter the Documents.

Is this how people keep track of the summary contents of given chapters?

The Corkboard shows you the synopsis of each item. It’s also possible to create separate Document Notes. Which to use depends on what you’re trying to do,

You can use either folders or documents for chapters. Scrivener doesn’t care.

If you haven’t already, please have a look at the Interactive Tutorial, available from the Help menu. It’s a good overview of how the parts of the interface work together.


yes. there is also a Document Notes feature, accessible from the inspector. Index Card contents are in the inspector as well. BTW, the index card contents are called a synopsis, and are plain-text only. If you need more elaborate notes for a document or folder, the Document Notes are rich text.

Any folder can be converted to a document, and any document to a folder. Nothing is lost in this process.

To answer your initial query, there are almost as many different folder/document structures in Scrivener as there are authors who use it. :smiley: Personally, I use level 1 folders for books, level 2 folders for chapters within a book, and documents as scenes within chapters. But do what works for you. Scrivener is intended to be flexible.

Thank you both! These forums are one of the best parts of Scrivener, I’m finding. So helpful.