Chapter number code


I’m using the novel template and am wondering how I can change the numbering format for each chapter. Right now the code <$W> generates the number spelled out (One, Two, etc.) I’d like it to use the actual number (1, 2, etc.). It seems like a simple change but I can’t find a list of codes used in templates. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


Have you changed the actual token in the chapter text area? This should be the only place that is generating the numbering. Just select any of the chapter folders and dismiss the Corkboard if you have navigation set to automatically set it up when clicking on folders. I’m assuming you’ve already been there though, because otherwise you’d have every single chapter page printing out with “Chapter Subtitle”. :slight_smile:

Yes, I have been to the chapter text area and have arranged it the way I want. My question is: what do I put instead of <$W>. I’ve tried to find a list of tokens or codes but have been unsuccessful.

I’m sorry, I misunderstood your question. Yes, the tokens can be found in the Edit menu, under Insert, and then Auto-number. The user manual also addresses them in more detail in the section under the Edit menu, but using these menu functions will print out the token for you, letting you know what it is. If you need cross-references or number resets, refer to the manual as there are other codes which this menu doesn’t handle.

Thanks, Amber. I just fiddled with it and put <$N> and got what I wanted, but the Edit menu option is, of course, the more elegant solution and it offers more options. M