Chapter numbering and heading

I have written a novel using Scrivener for Windows version . I want to do a compile with each chapter numbered (eg. 1, 2, 3) and with a centered title below the number and above the text.

I have completely failed in my attempts to do this. The closest I can come it to put the number and title onto each chapter and compile as is. But there are 40 chapters with a variety of fonts and paragraph settings (undesired, relics of ancient revisions).

I feel like an idiot.

This should be simple, no?

Thanks in advance


This is EXACTLY what I want to do. And make the font MUCH smaller. Did you ever get an answer anywhere? I emailed about this days ago with no response…

This answer will vary depending on how you have done your chapter layout. For example, are you 40 chapters all in 1 folder as 40 text documents? Or is each chapter in its own folder?

I can tell you how I have done it. I have a folder for each chapter, and then 1 or more “scene” documents in each folder. I titled the folder with the chapter name (which right now I have not decided if I am going to use or not). For instance the chapter that would be called “The Old Man” is in a folder named “The Old Man”. The scenes of that chapter (also named to help me keep track of what is going on, rather than something useless to me like “scene 1, scene 2, etc.”) are within that folder.

With this setup, under compile, in the formatting menu… I have the title of the folder un-checked (but if you want to include it you would check it). Then I click on the section layout button, and I have just this in the upper (Prefix) box:


That $n is the numeral indicator for putting a number in place. This puts ONLY a large centered number on the page for each chapter. If I wanted the title, I would just check the “title” box next to the folder in the formatting view, and then I would play with the font in the window at the bottom (I think default is bolt italic).

Is that what you are looking for?