Chapter start on right page

I’d like my chapters to start on the right page when I compile for a print book. What I’m doing now is gong in and doing it all in Word. I’d rather have my book in one program. I’m sure there’s a way to handle this, I just can’t figure it out. Thanks!

In the “Formatting” pane of Compile, click on “Section Layout” and look in the “First Page” tab - there is a section at the bottom that allows you to choose whether the section should start on a recto or verso page (for PDF and printing only).

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Have you ever considered writing a manual for Scrivener? :unamused:

Like these ones (written by Literature & Latte and also available from within Scrivener) or more like these ones (written by third parties)?

Nom piling on the irony there. Brilliant. :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t think the irony in your earlier post was especially obvious.

Sorry to revive an old post, but just to confirm, there’s currently not a way of doing this for an rtf output?