Chapter title formatting Prefix-Title-Suffix

Hi all,

I’m trying to set up up my formatting options in order to have something like this for a chapter’s title:

Chapter <$n> title_with_another_font ---
So, the prefix and suffix (first and third lines) should have Helvetica applied, but the title itself (second line) should be in let’s say, Baskerville.

According to the manual this can be done:

I remember having done this not long ago, but now every time I try to modify the title font it also changes the prefix and suffix font.

Any clues? Many thanks in advance.

Hmm, it looks like there might be a bug there actually. I can change the font and do things like set one part to be underscore, but once you click that Okay button it just all takes on one look. At any rate the manual is right, in fact you should even be able to apply different paragraph attributes so long as each element is separated by a carriage return.

Anyway, I’ll make sure it is on the list. Thanks!

I’m pretty sure it worked for me at least once not so long ago. I even specified different line spacing for prefix/suffix and title. But then I tried to change the title’s font size and all begun to look the same again.

Thanks anyway, AmberV. I hope it can be fixed.

I tried doing it on the Mac version and it works perfectly. Unfortunately, those settings seems to be stored inside the Mac preferences (not within the project file), because they don’t appear on the Windows version afterwards.

Yes, I’m pretty sure it used to work fine in Windows as well, perhaps in the revision before 1.6. This is how it is supposed to work, but something broke in the recent update.

Compile settings in general are not shared between machines, owing to the large feature discrepancy in this area. We may consolidate these settings in the future when parity is reached, but for now it’s best to do your compiling from one platform or the other. Both will save their settings, they just can’t use the opposing settings file.