Chapter Title in Compiler

On current version of Windows (not Beta). Long time user, but this is the first time it has happened. No matter what preformatted compile I am using it will not include the chapter number or title. It will show in the formattting screen, but when I run the compile it will not appear in the final product.

Has anyone else had this issue or know if a fix?

Are you aware of the feature that highlights folders and/or documents in the binder that are affected by the compile interface’s formatting pane?

Arrange your binder so you see a document that should be compiled with a chapter title in it (and one that IS compiled with a chapter title, for contrast). Then click through each line of the formatting rows until the document(s) in question are highlighted in yellow. That should tell you which documents are being affected by which line, and you can then adjust things (binder hierarchy, formatting checkboxes on that line, etc…) appropriately.

Could you be a bit more specific in your reply. I am noit clear on what steps you are talking about doing.

I think I skipped over the second step, which is to bring up the compiler.

So the steps would be:

  1. Arrange your binder so that you can see a document that, when compiled should come out with a chapter title but doesn’t.
  2. Start the compile process, which brings up the compile interface.
  3. Go to the Formatting pane (I think this is right… haven’t used your version of Scrivener for over a year, so the name of the section of compile may be off…)
  4. Where you see a list of icons (folders, document icons, and stacks-of-documents icons) that are “Level 1, Level 2+”, and the like), click on each one.
  5. Look for a yellow highlight to appear on the binder folders/dodcuments while you click on the formatting rows
  6. When the document you expected to get a chapter title is highlighted in yellow, you will know which of the formatting rows is actually the one affecting that document.

You’ll be able to modify that row, or you might need to indent that document under a folder (changing it’s indentation “level”) or do some other binder reorganization to make it match other chapters.

I found this in google, illustrating the interface I’m talking about, though it’s for Mac v2. It’s still mostly relevant, and should look very similar: … scrivener/

Tried something for the heck of it. When I was editing I changed the chapter folder icons to light bulbs to keep track of the ones I updated. I created a new chapter folder and dragged the scenes into it. All of a sudden I had my chapter number and heading back!

Icons would have no impact, but there may be other things about the old folder that would: such as the status of its Include in Compile checkbox. If that was disabled and it was responsible for printing a heading, that would explain why it stopped