Chapter title in header instead of author name on the top page?

I’m desperately trying to understand how I can change the top part of the page to the chapter title on the second page as opposed to the Author Name it is now? Anyone? Greatly appreciate any help!

Double click on the compile format you are using. (Left side of the compile panel.)

Then go to this tab : page settings / "Header and Footer" tab / Main Body.

Where I have circled, you probably have <$author>.

Replace it with : <$pageGroupTitle>. (These <$…> are called “placeholders”.)

If <$pageGroupTitle> doesn’t exactly do what you want it to do (for e.g. the title changes after a page break within a chapter for which you have a few documents), try this one instead : <$pageGroupParentTitle>, as it may be better suited.

For other possible variations, you will find a complete list of available placeholders accessible from the Help menu.

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OMG - thank you, you’re a genius!

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