Chapter titles have gone wonky

Scrivener has suddenly stopped inserting chapter breaks when I compile. I’m using the same compile settings I was using before, when it would automatically insert a chapter break and a chapter number for each folder in my binder. Now when I compile, it just inserts a blank line between chapters/folders. I’m not sure if this is just since the new version, because I don’t remember for sure when I did the last successful compile compared to when I installed the update. Since I have a book to turn in, this is fairly urgent.

I tried going in and including folder titles, thinking I might be able to use that as a workaround, but for the first chapter, it put this (where Chapter 1 is the folder title):
Chapter 1

And for second chapter, it put this:
Chapter One
Chapter 2

I don’t know why it decided to do the automatic chapters when I chose to include folder titles, and I don’t know why it got the automatic numbering wrong. Argh!

I just installed 1.2.3, and now the chapter breaks are appearing. However, the first chapter is still coming up just “Chapter” and the second chapter says “Chapter One.” My workaround is to insert a blank folder at the top of the binder. It means I have an extra chapter break, and a page that just says “Chapter” on it, but that’s easy to fix in Word.