Chapter Titles Missing from Exported Document


After upgrading to the new version, when I complile and mark chapter titles to be included, they are missing in the exported document. How do I get them to show?


Could you describe your process in a little more detail? It’s difficult to know what is going wrong, since I am not sure what you are calling chapters, and how you are marking chapter titles to be included, and so on. Perhaps describe or show a screenshot of your Formatting compiler pane with an example of the Binder beside it?

Thanks, Amber. I seem to have worked out the issues I was having with Chapter titles, by unchecking the ‘As Is’ option. Also I already had the automatic chapter numbering in each folder heading in the Binder. The new update has a default which automatically numbers chapters (a nice feature). But of course I was getting duplicate chapters numbering. Once I discovered the default setting, I just eliminated it. But will use it in future manuscripts! :smiley: