Chapter titles not showing up

I’m a relatively new Scrivener user ( and am still learning. I’ve been playing with the compile to Word (Windows) function and am finding that not a single section title (as shown in the binder hierarchy) shows up in my Word document. Each folder and individual section is marked “Include in Compile” both in the metadata pane and in the Compile>Formatting settings. I think they showed up the first time I ever ran compile, but I must have done something in my customization to knock them out of the compile function. Any thoughts on what’s going on? (I’m sure it’s a simple thing.)

(And - on a separate matter - I’m finding that the <$n:Figure> autonumbering code is totally not working - it shows up exactly like that in the compiled document)

thx for any help.

okay - I figured it out. If the section is marked “As-Is”, then the title won’t appear in the output.

This worked for me. Thanks for posting your solution,