Chapter word counts

I apologise if this has been answered elsewhere - I did a search.

I have a document divided into chapters. Each chapter in turn is subdivided into sections. The sections are indented under their respective chapters. Some sections have subsections, also indented under their sections.

As I write my document, I want to know the word count for the chapter so I can balance the document, as well as the total word count. So I need to word count target for the chapter to aggregate the word count of all the subordinate sections and subsections in that chapter.

How do I do that? How do people keep track of word counts with the project, in general?

Thank you for all replies.

OK I get it - I need to “expand” the chapter in “Edit Scrivenings” for the word count to reflect the subfolders. I can understand the logic and why you need to do that if you want to be able to count the words on each page. Sorry for not experimenting more before posting. The manual is a little light on this, isn’t it?

There’s a video tutorial on getting project/other statistics here:


You can also get the total for each chapter by revealing the “Total Words” column in the outliner. Whereas the “Words” column shows the word count for the document only, the “Total Words” column shows the word count for the document and all its descendants. And yes, the manual probably is a little light on this, sorry. Some of this has evolved over the past year or two, and I haven’t had chance to update the manual with every single change and improvement. We’re rewriting the manual for 2.0, so that will cover these things in more detail, I hope, but in the meantime we are trying to cover things more generally in the tutorial videos such as the one monkquixote points out.

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I’ve been clicking on the first ‘scene’ directly under the chapter folder, then shift-clicking the last one, and hitting cmd-option-shift+e. It reads out the protject stats for me, and then just that chapter’s worth.

I might look into the methods mentioned here. :laughing: