Chapters and scene titles

I have to agree - the instructions for this program need to be condensed into simple answers to simple questions. I have wasted several Sundays trying to do a few simple tasks.

  1. My manuscript when compiled has two chapter headings and as chapters progress the main chapter heading and the second one are no longer matching. Very annoying. I’m working in the ebook no parts format. The levels thing is REALLY confusing.What have I done wrong?

  2. What I want is Chapters with scene titles for the multiple scenes in each chapter. First though, I’d like to get rid of the multiple chapter headings especially the ones out of sequence. Can someone just provide a quick one-two on this one?

This seems like trying to please everyone run amok.

Which we have done here, but of course, the problem with condensing instructions down into a simple answer session is that it only addresses a few of what are an “infinite” number of ways to use the program. With any flexible tool that allows one to craft their own document designs using procedural stylesheets, one can only abstract things into common working patterns and desires. For everyone else they will need to learn how to use the software more fully, and we would be remiss if we did not document the software so that people could do so.

One could also submit that this forum is a question and answer form of documentation. Please feel free to make use of the search feature, there are years of discussions archived here, and many may prove specifically useful to you, where general documentation could not waste “paper” extrapolating into that scenario.

You want to have each scene labelled in the text, and each scene is a text file in the Binder? If so, just enable the “Title” checkbox in the Formatting compile option pane for whatever you’ve written your scenes into (probably just individual text files, but you can preview what is what by clicking on them in the Formatting list and comparing with the Binder highlights). You can then style what that should look like in the mock editor below.

Maybe you’ve typed in your chapter titles into the text editor? Maybe you do not need the “Title” checkbox for folders (or whatever you are using to represent chapters).