Chapters/new text pages created on iPad invisible when transferred to PC

I primarily use Scrivener on my PC and recently got it on my iPad for working on the go.
I added a new chapter while working on my iPad, and used Dropbox to transfer it to my PC to continue working on it.
But the new chapter didn’t show up on my PC. After working on the project, I uploaded the same project to Dropbox and reopened it on my iPad, and the chapters I originally added were back. But I can only see them on my iPad.
By “chapter” I refer to the text pages, I keep them under the same folder and they’re all the same item format, so theoretically there isn’t anything different about them, other than that when I create them on my iPad, I can only ever view and interact with them on my iPad. I’d really appreciate any advice!

Seems like a syncing issue to me. Is you project inside the correct folder inside the DropBox folder? Are you sure syncing is completed?

It’s inside the Apps//Scrivener// folder on Dropbox, everything else syncs fine, though

Make sure the project (or preferably the entire /Apps/Scrivener/ folder) is configured to be “available offline.” Usually you can do that by right-clicking on the folder and scrolling down to the Dropbox options.