I’ve recently come back to Scrivner, having let it be for a few months and in the meantime I’ve downloaded the newest version, but of course things have changed. Now I seem always to be in Scriptwriting mode? Where is the novel template that used to be there. And where are the chapters. Or how do I now get chapters in the binder??? :confused:

That sounds like a preferences thing. Try starting a new project. It should let you start from a template, and you should be able to pick the novel one there.

First of all, make sure you understand the following, from the FAQ:

Next, make sure you have extras installed. If Scrivener updated itself when you first restarted it, you might not have the Extras content, which includes templates and other things. Download the full DMG from the home page and double-click the extras installer.

Finally, script mode is a per-document setting, and it is remembered between sessions. It also carries over if the last document you were working in had it turned on. In other words, if you were in scriptwriting mode and then created a new document, the new one will be in scriptwriting mode as well. This is easy to get out of. Just press Cmd-3 to switch back to regular editing. Note that you’ll have to do this for each document that is set the wrong way. Scrivener remembers the setting for each document so that people can easily work with mixed types if they need to.