Character attributes on Find/Replace?

I am trying to find a particular word in my document, and replace it with the same word, but in Bold print. I can’t see that there is a way to do that. Am I missing something?

Use the Edit/Find/Find by Formatting... tool (Ctrl-Opt-Cmd-F). Switch the “Find” mode to Character Format and put whatever words you wish to find within the formatting range into the text field below that. At the bottom you can set the type of formatting you wish to search for.

Update: Oh, wait. I might have read you wrong. It sounds like you are searching for a non-bolded word and wishing to replace it with a bold word of the same text? If that’s the case that’s even easier. Just search for the word with Cmd-F. You can close the Find panel, and use Cmd-G to walk through the matches. Whenever you come across one that you wish to embolden, you’ll note that it is already highlighted for you—you needn’t do anything but hit Cmd-B at this point, then Cmd-G to go on to the next one.

Very helpful; glad for the keystroke method. Thanks.