Character Count In Bottom Bar

I’m regularly using scrivener to write application forms Scrivener’s features make it really useful for writing these forms, I can set the question I’m answering as the title, put sub questions in the index card and save all this as a template for forms I write regularly.

It’s also great that I can set a character target for each question as they often have hard character limits. It’s just a bit annoying that I have to go and click on the word count to see how many characters I’ve used all the time. Word count is at best a proxy and at worst irrelevant when writing these applications, I’d love to just be able to set the count in the permanent heads up display to characters.

Related. It would be nice if I could set the target bar at the bottom to behave differently when I have a hard limit rather than a number of words I’m trying to write. When I’m filling in forms, coming in under my limit is what I’m aiming for but going over means I cannot submit. So a progress bar that can give me a visual of how much I’ve gone over by would br great, rather than just turning green and full and staying that way no matter how many more characters I put in.

You can definitely elect to use character counts by default, instead of word counts. This is an application level setting, found in the Editing: Options tab, under Live counts show….

As for showing overrun, yes you can do that as well. It is an optional condition you can enable when setting the target itself. Click on the target icon, and then tick the Show overrun checkbox. Now when you exceed the limit, a secondary progress bar will start creeping up from the left, showing how far over you are, proportionally to the overall target.

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