Character Counting with excluding options

I have been using Scrivener for mac writing a web novel.
There are web novel platforms in Korea that require minimum characters for every episode.
Problem is that they don’t count spaces enters and some special characters.
So, I wish Scrivener has a feature for that.

And excluding footnotes, notes when compiling is really helpful feature for me so that I am using it in the middle of my episodes.

So excluding them when counting characters would be really nice too.

I am not just saying my own wish but there are many people who want such features.

Thank you.

Hi NovelWriter :slight_smile:
Bottom of the editor, click on the word count :

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that is some thing I did not know.
However, we still need the way to disticguish between returns , spaces and special characters.
Thank you.

Returns etc are not counted.

As for the special characters… (?) Well, they’re there, aren’t they ?

But otherwise yeah, for the time being there is nowhere to list them for exclusion.

Perhaps you could get them counted here and do the math.