Character Information Template

Okay, I wasn’t sure how to export this, so I just uploaded the whole scrivener file. In the binder, under “Characters,” click on each name to view the example info sheets. A blank template is in the “Template Sheets” folder.

Alaric.scriv.rar (124 KB)

Well? Has anyone downloaded and used this template? I’m curious to know what you all think about it. I thought it was clever >.>

Hey Rob, Thanks for posting this.

I’ve had the opportunity to go on a number of courses which talk about how to slice and dice the population into different personality types. I enjoy them immensely as it seems I never fail to pick up a new angle, or a new prompt to help me develop (what I hope are) well rounded characters for my writing.

So, I’ve saved your list in my brainsorming resources list, and also really like the implementation / formatting. I’ll be borrowing elements of that too!

Thanks again!

Thank you. I really like the sliders for personality traits.

Rob, I like the looks of your character template and so I downloaded it. Now the question is: what program will open it? Scrivener, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel didn’t work.

If, by chance, you’re still getting notifications from your post, would you take a moment and give me some advice?

I appreciate your assistance and sharing!

The .rar extension is a archive format, much like .zip. If the Finder won’t open it with a double-click, then you’ll have to find a utility that will extract the scrivener project file.

Brilliant! Thank you for the help.

Oh, and I really like your tag line: Often wrong, rarely in doubt.