character names not auto-completing

Hi -

I’m on Windows, version 1.9.6 and having a problem in Screenplay mode.
When I start to type a character name in a Screenplay document, Scrivener is not offering to auto-complete that character name, the way it does on Mac. Nor does it seem to remember character names - the auto-complete lists are blank.

I can manually add the character name to the autocomplete list, but then it comes up not just in Character mode but also when typing the first letter of that name in Action or Dialogue or any mode.
This is not the behavior I see on Mac.
Is this a missing feature in Windows? I don’t see this listed as a difference between Mac and Windows version.
I was using windows version 1.2.5 before today, and I don’t remember having this problem.

The behavior I’m looking for is the same as Mac version 2.8, or as what can be found in final draft for instance:
– when I first type a character name, Scrivener remembers it
– when I next type the first letter of that name, in “Character” mode and in “Character” mode ONLY - it suggests the full name and inserts it if I press enter (and does so in ALL CAPS, per the “Character” formatting)

Am I missing something here or is this functionality missing?


weird… the character auto complete works for me… (though as you say… you have to add them manually… and it annoyingly pops up everywhere else besides character names as well…)

that’s annoying as all get out… but i could live with it… but for one thing … you can highlight and add the names toi autocomplete… but you cannot add more than one word… so if you have a character that has to be referred to by more than one name… or say BLONDE MAN or LIMPING WOMAN hahaha… it simply does nothing if you highlight both words/the name…

i keep asking about the scene heading auto complete which has exactly the same problem… scrivener doesn’t remember the scene headings… and you can;t right click and add them because you can’t add more than one word to autocomplete : (

(same as you… i’m using the latest windows version)

Been looking around and found a partial answer…

i guess you can go into FORMAT/SCRIPTWRITING/SCRIPT SETTINGS and there is a separate SCRIPT mode autocomplete list that you can manually add scene headings and more than one word characters too that wont show up as auto complete in action etc etc… : )

not ideal… would be nice if it auto remembered/added them or at least you could right click and add them to that script settings auto complete… not much of a time saver… but better than nothing i guess : )

without the auto add or at least right click add… i’m probably gonna stick with final draft for the actual writing… just use scrivener for outlining etc… : (

Thanks Russell. If anyone from Lit&Lat is reading… please consider adding this functionality to the windows version. If what I’m describing is indeed how the windows version is supposed to work, that makes Scrivener for Windows a less-than-ideal tool for screenwriting. Autocomplete for SCENE HEADING and CHARACTER modes is so standard in all screenwriting software that it’s pretty much muscle memory for anyone coming from Final Draft or FadeIn or Moviedraft or any of the others. If Scrivener has a screenwriting mode, why not make sure it has these basic functions that screenwriters are accustomed to?

I could do what Russell is saying and outline in scrivener then write in Final Draft - but the whole point of Scrivener is for it to be the one-stop application for writing… so shuttling between programs defeats the purpose.

Please implement autocomplete only for SCENE HEADING and CHARACTER … with auto-populating autocomplete lists… basically what you have on the Mac side.