Character Sheet templates


I’ve created my own customized character sheet that I’ve saved in the Templates folder. I am feeling rather daft though since I can’t figure out for the life of me how to use it. I seem to recall clicking on the characters folder in the binder and doing something like “new character sheet from template”. Am I missing something obvious here?

Thanks in advance.

That’s not a feature available in the windows version yet, unless it’s been implemented in the latest beta version, which I’m not running. You’ll have to “duplicate” the template for now, and then move it where you want the new copy.

Something I did that might make this process less onerous, is to create one document for every letter of the alphabet, and name them appropriately. Then you have a way of avoiding names that all start with ‘C’ unless you intend them to. Just decide on a name, make sure that letter isn’t used yet, and then rename that character sheet to the character’s name. That’ll save you some tedium (the documents won’t have to be duplicated when you’re in the middle of writing or character planning).

Ah that explains it. I started this project on my Mac. Thanks for your help!