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The Character sheets that come with Scrivener seem to me to be laking. I dunno if its true or not but to me it is. I was wondering if there is a writer out there that has a better character sheet and is willing to share it.

In my opinion (what do I know? :confused: ), one can get too anal about this. Lots of how-to-write books have character templates – and they’re all slightly different. Personally, I think you can spend too long trying to decide, for example, whether your heroine has blue eyes or grey. In some genres – for example thriller – it may even be worthwhile leaving the main character less well described, so that your readers can identify with him or her all the better.

However, here’s a template for Scrivener, including a character template, compiled by the author David Hewson: As you’ll see, his character template is fairly brief.

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I looked at the project but it didn’t have any character sheets in it.

I’m not a big character sheet person, so the one that comes with Scrivener is mainly an example to get you started. You can edit it to have any information you want.

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If there isn’t a templit of one maybe someone and tell me what items they use for their character sheets

Err, yes it does, if you look in the Binder under Templates: “Character Sketch”.

Otherwise, I recommend a quick Google, which turns up this, for example:
and this:


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This post prompted me to start looking around for outlining tools. I found what I consider to be a wonderful such tool. It is web-based and free (as far as I can tell). It requires one to create an account on their site in order to be useful (I think), but that seems a small price to pay for the functionality:

On the left, under the “Tools” item, select “Outlines”. You can use one of the given outlines, and you can (extensively) modify an existing outline, or create your own from scratch.

To see how to use the Outliner, there is a video tutorial. Under the “FAQ” item, select “Videos”.

Have fun.

In one book I realized that I hadn’t given any physical descriptions of the main characters, and asked readers what they thought they looked like. They all described the characters pretty much the way I pictured them.

I find that character comes out as you write. While it’s a good idea to have some idea of their background, actually writing will fill you in. Then you can go back for subsequecent drafts and add little tidbits to your story.

I don’t see it? :astonished: I hope this is still available.

It what?

That Hewson Scriv template is still out there, if that is what you are after.