Character sketch am i missing something?

Ok I am very new to the program and have watched some of the tutorials about the software. One thing is not really explained well to me, the character sketches. Every time I see a video about them I see a sheet of paper with basically categories listed where it seems the user just filled in the blanks. Every time I open a character sketch its just a blank piece of paper. Are there templates premade? Or do I have to actually make the categories and fill them up out myself? I don’t really understand it.

On Mac Scrivener, if working from an applicable template (such as one of the novel templates), selecting:

New From Template
Character Sketch

…creates a new file with various prompts:

Character Name
Role in Story:
Physical Description:
Internal Conflicts:
External Conflicts:

The template is configurable, of course.

Not the same in Windows Scrivener?

Yes, it works much the same way in Scrivener for Windows as long as you’ve used the appropriate template to set up the project.

Here are a couple character sheets that I use. Pretty sure I got them from this forum, but I could be wrong. I only know I like them.

Just drag them into your Research folder or import them like regular files. Duplicate for each character.
Character (9.48 KB)

I found the default Character Sketch template (in the Mac version) to be rather vague. I created my own using various samples acquired via comments in the Character Cafe forum of NaNoWriMo. The default is less than one page of A4 when empty. My version is close to 40 pages when empty. It is required for every character or indeed for every novel but looking at it when creating characters does help to make important decisions.

I worked on it in a separate project and now drag-and-drop it from there to each novel’s Binder when required placing it in the Templates folder. I could also create my own project template that includes my Character Sketch instead of the default. So far I have refrained from that as the formatting of my template itself isn’t appealing.

The default Setting Sketch needs work too. I’ve not made a start on my own version yet.

i knew something ws wrong. everytime I try it starts out as a blank page, even the settings sketch, I don’t know whats wrong

idk but I tried this and just ended up with a blank page

Maybe a picture will help clarify what’s going on…

Does your binder contain a Templates folder and a Character Sketch document as shown in the screenshot below? Does the icon in the binder look the same? When you click on that document, does it look like what is in the editor in the screenshot?

I’m looking at the same exact thing, except for mine pops up with a blank page everytime, ill send screenshot

Looks borked.

If you create a new test project, does that have the same blank template files?

If it does, I expect you need to reinstall Scrivener.

If it doesn’t (and it has usable templates), you should be able to drag and drop the template(s) from one project to another, and then bin the test project when you’ve got everything that you need.

I reinstalled twice and opened new projects several times, it just always end up blank, i do not understand this problem and im waiting for technical support to email me back

Hope they can help.

When you reinstalled, did you grab a fresh download of the latest build? … atform=win

did that too, i dont see how my download can be so messed up.

The tech people are usually very helpful. Hope one of them will come up with a solution for you.

Expect you could edit the files in the template folder to set them up as you want and then use them to create fresh files. Though the software should, of course, be working for you as it does for everyone else.

Perhaps this Q & A on doing a clean install in Windows might help (or worth trying, if not already tried)…

everytime you start a new project, lets say in Novel format, when you open it does it show you Novel format in the binder and explains how to use the format? I’m asking because I did a clean reinstall and the 1st time I tried it, I seen novel format and a brief description about it and it also showed all the character sketches and setting sketches, I went to create a new document after that one, and everything was blank. the novel format was just a blank page. and also all the ketches were blank, what am I doing wrong?

Its actually random, sometimes I can start the program up and it works fine, I start to create another new project and the whole screen is blank. what is wrong with this program

Having the same problem. Sheets (character, setting, front matter text) come up blank. As this thread was originally from the summer, was there ever a fix?

Note this was a clean install on a new computer running Win 10.

This is an intermittent problem by the way, sometimes the template text does appear. More often, it does not.

I am having the same problem in scrivener for windows.

I would save more than half the time when I create a character sketch sheet choosing the default character template it just comes up blank.

Same thing for settings sketch.

Any solution for this?

Edit: This is a new short story project, and both template pages are blank. Are they not populated by default? I don’t recall having to make my own templates in the past.