Character Sketch Sheet

When you begin typing in the “Physical Description” area of the page, the writing goes from right to left, backwards.
For example, when I try to type the word HELLO, it is written the same but it overlaps the words “Physical Description” as if it was aligned to the right not the left.

I’ve checked to make sure the Alignment is correct. It is the same for Habits, Background Internal Conflicts, External and Notes.

What I found, is that if the cursor starts right after the colon, the words are in bold and will be typed correctly, when you try to start typing with the cursor a number of spaces away, you are presented with said problem.

If you need more info, feel free to contact me.
Thank you!

Can you turn on the ruler in the editor (Format>Show Ruler) and then check where you’re placing the insertion point after each line? The way this is set up, tabs are doing the work of aligning all the elements, so there’s about a quarter-inch space, maybe left, between the end of the line descriptor (“Physical Description” and so on) and where the text you add needs to go. Clicking in the blank space on the line to the right of the descriptor, unless you click right next to it, should automatically start you at the right point for the text to move left to right as expected, and without picking up the bold formatting of the descriptor. If your cursor is exactly next to the colon, hit tab once (rather than the space bar) to step it out to the start point and then start typing.

If you’re working from a pre-035 project, the templates have a some extra space that makes it a lot easier to get this problem; all the fiction templates have been updated for 035 so I’m hoping the Character and Scene sheets should be a little easier to work with now, but let me know if you’re still having trouble.