Character Sketch

I’m in the novel template, and want to put in all of my character sketches…am I just supposed to create a new folder for each character and copy and paste the character template? Or did I miss something a tad more slick than that? (like…‘add new character’ that pops up a new folder with template already loaded). Thanks! Nicole

If you click and hold on the “Add” button in the toolbar, you get options for adding a copy of a template.
Add Menu.png
If you’re talking about actual sketches (image files), then you can import them or paste them into your documents as you see fit. There’s already a folder designated for characters (in the default Novel template, that is; not sure about others), but you can place the sketches wherever you wish.

There’s nothing like that yet for the Windows version (Cinder6’s example is on the Mac); you can use the Documents>Duplicate command to make a bunch of copies of the template and then fill them out.

I really ought to look at which forum a topic is in when browsing via “New Posts”. :unamused:

But it’s really nice to see what should eventually be coming to the Windows version :laughing: