Character templates??

At the end of November I upgraded to Scrivener 2.0 from the earlier version. I recently learned that there are supposed to be some kind of present templates for characters and locations. My upgraded version does not have these - I’ve looked everywhere. Can I download them somewhere? Or do I have to go and create my own? The impression I get from looking online is that there are some already done that were supposed to have come with the new version.

Some of the project templates contain document templates–Novel and Short Story, for instance, contain character sketch templates. You can just create a project with either of those templates and the character template will be among your other starting documents; you can drag it out or copy it to other projects if you wish, or you may want to just use it as an idea for making your own character sheet. §8.4 in the User Manual explains how you can create a document template folder in any project, so you can make templates out of any documents that you create or import into your project.

Thank you! I’ve been working on this one project since November. I didn’t think to start a new project to find the templates. I’ve located them now.