Charging me twice for Scrivener

Hello friends, I wish to know why the Literature and Latte should me twice for the Scrivener. Is it because I got a new computer. I bought it for the first time on 18th October 2021 and when I downloaded it today, it charged me again. Please does anyone have that experience or how I can get back a refund. Thanks.

If you believe you have been incorrectly double-charged you should use the contact form on the L&L web site. They will not discuss licensing on this forum for privacy reasons.

Give them all the details and see what they say. The web site has no way of knowing you previously purchased unless you attempt to buy an upgrade, and I believe it will then ask you for licence or similar.

Note, if the two purchases were on different platforms, then yes you have to buy a new license, but I believe they can offer a special price for that.

As @RuffPub said, we can’t handle license issues through the forum. Please open a support ticket, here:

However, being charged to download suggests that you were purchasing via the Apple App Store. We have no ability to offer discounts or refunds via the App Store, as Apple doesn’t share customer information with us.

It’s possible that you were charged a second time because your new computer didn’t have your Apple ID, and therefore the purchase record. But without more information it’s hard to say.