Chat got, the final of writing profession like player Go

I wonder if what happened to the publishers that no longer receive manuscripts because most of them are made with artificial intelligence or Chat Gpt 4 if that doesn’t mean the disappearance of the writing profession?

I think it means more that networking is everything now. ChatGPT has (ironically) made it much, much harder for an unknown writer to be noticed. Publishers/Agents are becoming very wary of taking on new writers fearing contaminated/generated works, and the volume of it (in an already tough market), from writers who do not have a reputation/track record.

And the solution and writer’s professional future? Is this the end of literature as human activity like the finish of Go or chess?

I see your point. It’s unsettling.

Those of us who have no network will have a hard time of it, if we’re new, or returning after years away.

For me, since it isn’t my livelihood, it is isn’t worth it to publish any longer.

If I have to prove my work isn’t machine-made, I’m not sure how to do it. It doesn’t seem worth the time and effort to defend myself against it.

I could spend the time writing :smiley:


What do you mean by networking ability?

I don’t mean networking as in computers, but as in people