Check for Updates Crashes and Error Reporting Hangs

I was curious what the Check for Updates window looked like and it opened well enough. It’s the closing out of it that causes a crash whether by the “close” button or the red x and no matter what project I have open an error message appears saying Scrivener needs to close.

This is one of the crashes the error reporting actually completes instead of hanging on the error reporting window. After you click close, the expected behavior is for the windows to disappear and Scrivener to shut down. This does not happen instead Scrivener must be closed from the Task Manager. The other random crashes I’ve experienced but been unable to reproduce consistently have needed the Task Manager to close Scrivener.

Yeah, got this one too, but haven’t been able to reproduce it since. It hung so I had to do a kill -9 PID, though. (Because it shows up like any other program in top.)


It happened to me as well…