"Check for Updates" greyed out?

I saw the announcement about the availability of Scrivener 2.3.1, and immediately fired up Scrivener to update … but found that the “Check for Updates” menu command is greyed out (nor did anything seem to check automatically, that I know of).

I remember this being a problem with the last update as well. I didn’t do anything about it then – just downloaded the latest version manually – but I feel like I ought now figure out what is going on.

I skimmed the Preferences, but didn’t see anything obvious. I am a non-App Store customer from a ways back, so it shouldn’t be an issue related to the App Store, should it?

Oh, OK – now it has checked automatically and updated itself. :slight_smile:
And now that it has checked, the “Check for Updates” command is un-greyed (not that it’s needed at the moment!).

So perhaps that means everything is OK, though it seems slightly odd, so maybe I should at least ask if that’s expected behavior …?