Checkbox lists

I’d like to suggest a feature that I personally would find very useful and which I hope enough others would too and that is the ability to include checkbox lists either within the Notes panel of a note or in a new panel, to effectively hold a list of “targets” for each text file.

Often when I am writing a scene I have, at least in my head, a checklist of things to be achieved in the given scene, sort of like:

-Establish character’s relationship to protagonist

  • Ensure character B reveals concept A
  • Ratchet up tension between protagonist and character C

We could then check off each target once we feel it’s been achieved. At the moment, I usually just use text and then strikethrough styling once I’ve achieved that goal, but I wondered if checkboxes, particularly in a Targets-specific panel, might be a more targeted use?

This was discussed at length here: