First off, whoo 2.0! Skimmed through the NaNo template and am working my way through 280 pages of helpfile now…Heh. It looks gorgeous and I love that it’s a .pdf so I can take it and read it away from my computer. (The sick thing is that I will probably actually read all 280 pages of it, straight through…)

I noticed the file structure for the .scriv is much cleaner now than it used to be, which is lovely, and I see there’s a new checksum doc that didn’t used to exist. Just curious–how is Scrivener using it? Is this part of the “increased robustness” in an attempt to thwart file corruptions from network glitches? (Not that I’m going to run out and try risky network syncs now just to live on the edge. On which note, thank you for the automatic backup option! Such a great feature.)

Total non-important question, I’m just wondering.

Again, thanks for 2.0! Scrivener just keeps getting more amazing. :smiley:

The checksum file was partly for the benefit of the Windows version, which has to be more careful about checking on files seeing as .scriv files appear as regular folders on that platform. But it’s also used by Scrivener if it has been closed improperly (or after a crash). Because Scrivener only saves the search indexes file on project close (to speed up auto-saves), the search indexes can go out of sync if it isn’t closed properly. Scrivener 1.x used to deal with that by reindexing everything whenever a project that hadn’t been closed properly was reopened, which could take minutes. Scrivener 2.0 can now check which files have actually changed and only re-index those, meaning that re-opening after a crash or suchlike takes only seconds.

By the way, thanks for you all your help answering questions on the NaNo forums!

All the best,

Ah, that all makes sense. Thanks!

No problem about the Nanowrimo stuff. It’s an excellent form of procrastinating on my novel while making me feel productive. :wink: Plus it means you have more time to write us 2.0. Win-win!

Please ignore all of the tables! I didn’t have time to typeset them and half of them blow off the edge of the page! :cry:

Heh. I did notice some of the unpolished bits and a few typos and such. Do you want me to submit them or will that just be obnoxious? I know you know it’s not finished.

Eh, at this point don’t worry about it. If you see typos after Nov 1, then please yes do submit. As of this moment, about 15% of it was written in one furious session starting some blurry time back around Friday. I’d be shocked if there weren’t typos, but we are going to going to be passing the copy around for editing internally before final release.

Heh. Yes, that’s fine. Go sleep a little before next Monday if possible…? And then listen to the sound of water in the creekbed and taste some strawberries and all that. :wink: