Is there an option to use Scrivener on a Chromebook?

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Not at this time, as far as L&L has announced. While they potentially are looking at an Android build, there is no ETA for that, and I suspect more work than that would need to be done to get Scrivener working on a Chromebook.

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I hope that it won’t take more work than that, but who knows? My chromebook installs and runs android apps as if it’s a normal android tablet, at least as far as I know. Though even if an android version of scrivener is created (which we can’t be sure of that at this time), I would venture to guess that it would be similar to the iOS version in the sense that it will likely need to be cut down in terms for features for the sake of the mobile devices running them and for the sake of the release date.

Macbooks can cost a fair bit, but they do run Scriv rather nicely. As much I love my chromebook, I’m typing these words from an old 2012 macbook pro.

Edit: Kinda random, but I accidentally found this: I haven’t tried it myself, so no idea if it works?

Thanks All, I figured go big or go home and bought myself a new laptop :slight_smile: Got started last night. I’m geeked to be part of this group and at almost 50 to FINALLY be actually starting a novel. The American Dream and all that…