Citations & Endnote

Hi all,

I can’t work out how to insert a citation - it is easier if I give you an example rather than explain…

If I write “According to Skinner (1969), the …” (which is what I want)

and I try to insert the reference from Endnote by a copy and paste, and I get

“According to (Skinner 1969), the…”

The example is great for “and the behaviour was typical (Skinner 1969)”, but not for the way I would like write it.

Does anyone know how to do that using Endnote?

I would have thought that was a question for the EndNote forums. There are some people here who use EndNote (I’m not one of them) but your chances of getting a quick response must be higher on a forum where everyone uses EndNote. But if you are not using temporary citations, why don’t you just delete the name of the author – or move it outside the brackets? If you were using temporary citations, you’d probably put in something like {%Skynner 1969}. That is a common way to suppress the author name. But as I say, I don’t use EndNote these days, having switched to Bookends and then to Sente.

Cheers, Martin.

I have DM’d you a copy of my crib sheet that I use - which keeps getting added to when I come across a problem and then a solution. It answers more than your question, but hopefully will be of use.

As the above post says, in other citation managers, you might add an * before Skinner (Papers2) or a % (Sente).

But the key is in using a DIFFERENT citation manager…I almost feel bad for EndNote being so overpriced, underwhelming, under-equipped, and trapped in the 1990s…There are even free citation managers for OSX that do more than EndNote (bibdesk).

I have not used Endnote in a long, long time but I remember that you need to delete the author name from the reference tag, like this:

As said {skinner, 1969#34567} becomes as said (Skinner, 1969)
As said Skinner {, 1969#34567} becomes as said Skinner (1969)

In the old times you can’t do this automatically, perhaps it’s possible now.