Citations, Endnotes, Footnotes, Select Sources and Bibliography

I’ve spent several hours going through video tutorials, user manuals, forum responses, webinars, and more trying to figure out the best way to handle citations and bibliography information with Scrivener. I did read about a few different solutions, some free or low cost, and some high cost, but it seemed to me that all of the solutions required a lot of time and effort as well as an additional learning curve. I’d like to get some feedback here that might help me make a decision before I get too far into my next book project.

I write nonfiction narratives. I used Scrivener for my last book. It’s been several years since that book. What I remember is that I did all of the citation and bibliography work manually. The project I’m working on will have the following types of sources: video interviews, news coverage, depositions, trial transcripts, Skype interviews, phone interviews, in-person interviews, websites, etc.

As I’m conducting my research, I need to include where the information is coming from. Say I quote an individual testifying at a trial. I can easily set up a bibliography folder and if I need to cite a certain passage add a footnote and add the source to my bibliography, for example: Testimony of John Doe November 17, 2021. P 128. So I would need to attach that citation to the text. I would then need to add a reference in the select sources in the bibliography that might say – Testimony of John Doe November 17, 2021.

When I start actually converting research text into a narrative, I need a way to copy and paste and probably edit the reference text and have the citation info come along for the ride.

When I opened up my Scrivener project from my last book, it looked like I used inline footnotes for citations and manually entered each source into a bibliography text. I handled formatting and numbering after exporting to Word.

So, based on the above examples, should I take the time to integrate a citation manager, or keep it simple with inline footnotes and manual bibliography entries as I go? Also, based on my needs which of the following programs would you recommend: EndNote, Zotero, Papers, something else?



I use Zotero for all my searches.
When I need to reference a page, I create the bibliography in Zotero and paste the referenced text as a footnote. Not online.
My only problem with this kind of notes is that they are at the end of every Scrivener file. It would be interesting to stay at the end of the entire document. But I haven’t been able to do that yet.