Citing using EndNote

Is the extend of using EndNote limited to copying and pasting the source. No Reference List?

I use Endnote extensively, via Scrivener. My copied Endnote entries in Scrivener look like this: {Aluja-Banet, 2017 #4239}.
I compile the Scrivener document to Word (.docx) and then use [Endnote] [Update Citations in Bibliography], which generates the correct in text citation (Aluja-Banet et al., 2017) and the reference list entries, such as:
Aluja-Banet, T., Sancho, M.-R., & Vukic, I. (2017). Measuring Motivation from the Virtual Learning Environment in Secondary Education. Journal of Computational Science, 36.
The examples shown here relate to APA.

Very helpful. Thank you so much, regards!

In Scrivener > Preferences > Citations you can set Endnote as your bibliography manager. Then Cmd-Y in Scrivener will take you to Endnote, where you locate your reference. Cmd-Y will then take you back to your insertion point in Scrivener and will paste the temporary citation in for you,

I presume that in that, Endnote behaves like Bookends, which is my reference manager of choice.



If you have not worked with Endnotes temporary citations before — they are a good idea anyway because they are plain text — you will want to learn a few tricks for their use in inline citations:

  1. how to include pages numbers: {Aluja-Banet, 2017 #4239, p. 156}

  2. how to suppress author name: {, 2017 #4239}

Thank you GR for the useful tips.

Here are a couple more that I put together as a quick reference when I started doing this myself:
Formatted Codes (unformatted)
(Illeris, 2009) {Illeris, 2009 #3679}
Illeris (2009) {Illeris, 2009 #3679@@author-year}
(2009) {, 2009 #3679}
(Illeris) {Illeris, #3679}
(prefix_hereIlleris, 2009, pp. pages_here-heresuffix_here)
{prefix_here\Illeris, 2009 #3679suffix_here@pages_here-here}
(Illeris, 2009, p. 1) {Illeris, 2009 #3679@1}
(pp. 1-2) {, #3679@1-2}
{Illeris, 2009 #3679@@hidden}