Clarification Q for Instructions to Migrate from Direct Sale Version from Apple Store Version


I’m an academic writer working on getting the Scrivomatic workflow set up so I can make Scrivener, Zotero and Word all play nice the way that I need them to. I’m glad that there’s a solution, but I am a bit out of my depth technically, so you may see some dumb questions from me as I figure things out, but I promise to use google and the manual first! :blush: :smiley:

Since I bought my copy of Scrivener from the Apple store, I of course ran into the sandboxing issue. I found the instructions to migrate to the direct sale version, and I’m making my way through the process. I just need a clarification on item # 6. It reads:

Just to be clear, when I choose the file to save the preferences to, am I selecting the Application Support folder I just copied items into in the previous step, the backup location the first step asked me to make note of, or something else. The first makes the most sense, but as many moving parts as getting Scrivomatic set up involves, I’m avoiding assumptions wherever possible.

You can save to any convenient location. Scrivener won’t automatically import the preferences, you’ll need to do so explicitly. (Step #1 of the reinstall procedure.) Which means you should save the file to a location where you’ll be able to find it later.

I would recommend not saving to the Application Support folder, because the whole point of this procedure is that the Apple Store and Direct Sale versions have independent support folders.


Okie doke! Thanks. Onward.

Okay, so I thought I followed the instructions as written, but after loading my preferences from the saved file, quitting and restarting, the newly installed direct sale version is showing as unlicensed. Any thoughts on how to fix this?

Please contact our sales team directly. We can’t handle licensing issues via the forum.