clean install of 1.5.7 won't register

I have 1.5.7 running happily on 2 XP machines. The other week, I inherited an old win 7 laptop (32 bit, 2G memory), and decided to install scrivener there. It works fine, but doesn’t register. It claims I have no internet connection, which is false.

There’s a small home network, most machines connect to the internet through a proxy server because I don’t want to buy the latest WIFI for each one just to conect to the internet. It’s a system that has worked well for me (and family) since the days of dialup.

I think there is an issue with scrivener not detecting the proxy server settings. The 2 XP machines required a direct connection before either of them would register. (but that was 1.2)

The proxy settings are specified under Internet settings, LAN, Proxy settings, with no “automatically detect settings” in the internet setup. If it helps, adobe updater is the only other app that can’t see the internet.

Can I request the ability to specify the proxy settings somewhere in scrivener, so it can register and check for updates?

David Noakes

You shouldn’t need an internet connection to register, but the activation process will try to go online and may be getting thrown from the proxy. You can follow the steps for offline activation here to get around the problem.

We do have dealing with proxy settings on the list of features we’d like to add, probably for 2.0. In the meanwhile, you can keep an eye on the change list for news on updates and download the installer directly from our site.

Thanks Jennifer, that worked. :slight_smile: