Clean looking fonts under Wine

I found that running Windows apps under Wine, a lot of the fonts don’t look as good as they do in Windows.

So I played around with the available options in Scrivener and found that Segoe UI Emoji 10 is the cleanest looking of the bunch for UI fonts.

Arial looked a bit grainy in the editor so I looked around and found this excellent eBook font:

It looks good in the interface and should look fine in your e-reader as well.

Now I just have to figure out where I can change the fonts of the sections in the left hand column :slight_smile:

–tested under RC6

MS fonts are not installed by defaults on your Linux distribution for copyright reasons .
If you use a Ubuntu based distribution you can install them by issuing the following command in a terminal :
sudo apt-get install ttf-mscorefonts-installer

The renderer itself can be an issue. The wine anti-aliasing only works so well unfortunately.
Also, a bunch of the fonts in winetricks try to call the PowerPointViewer module, which is a dead link now so those fonts are invalid. So if people are looking for other good looking fonts those two work well.

Depends on your font rendering settings in X, or for that matter Wayland, as well. On my machine, Wine programs look clean and nice pretty much out of the box, as long as I have the MS core fonts installed. I usually install those systemwide, and not in winetricks. Not sure exactly which of my settings has made it nice, since it’s something I have been messing with for years. I’ll see if I can isolate it.